Malcolm CouldridgeCounselling and Psychotherapy in Harpenden

Therapeutic work involves listening and engaging actively and creatively, supporting you to reflect on your experience and unravel and find expression for thoughts and feelings that can feel stuck, confusing, in a muddle, distressing or disturbing. It can also be a place for looking at immediate issues in a new light.

The way we work will depend on the issues you want to talk about. A key element will be the therapeutic relationship that grows between us. For this to happen successfully, it is important to build a strong sense of trust that whatever you want to talk about will be received and responded to sensitively and productively.

Speaking about difficult thoughts, feelings and experiences is not always easy. Therefore we will work together to support you to talk freely and openly, gain a better, deeper understanding and acceptance of who you are, and find new and more effective ways of responding to personal situations and circumstances that may be unrewarding, unsatisfying and perhaps a cause of distress.

Therapeutic work supports us in to make the best of ourselves, providing opportunities to think about what we want from all our relationships, We can explore our past and current experiences of being close to other people whilst building a stronger sense of self, so that we no longer feel disempowered and perhaps disappointed by the relationships we choose. We can choose to leave behind unhelpful behaviours and to develop behaviours that empower and bring life to our relationships, whether at home, with family, with friends, or at work. Counselling can lead us to a greater sense of ourselves in the world we live in, and a deeper understanding of our relationships.

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